Sunday, July 29, 2012

Thanks for the warning

Sometimes you have to wonder if the people who place the traffic signs are smoking something funny while they work...or if some of them just have a weird sense of humor. Early last fall, Ben and I were in Parker, AZ checking out the area to decide if we might want to try camping there sometime. I forget what road we were on, but there was an area for off-road/ATV's - sand hills, trails, etc. There were signs all around the area warning automotive traffic that there were off-road vehicles in the area. However, we saw one sign that we weren't sure who it was meant for. At the bottom of a hill, along the highway, there was a fence

...and this sign.........................

less than 6 inches in front of the fence........

A little late to warn an errant driver (auto or atv), don't you think?

Until next time, B

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