Monday, February 11, 2013

Screwed again

I am so pissed. Wendy took another job, leaving the Administrative Assistant
position here open. She announced over a week ago that she would be leaving,
and mentioned to several of us that her job would be open. I intended to
apply for the transfer, I was just waiting for the job to be posted so I
could do so.

Today, Wendy is training her replacement. Yep, a new AA. A transfer from the
District Office. The job was never posted, so no one else ever had an
opportunity to try for it. There are a few pissed people around here because
of it.

This is now the second time that I have been screwed over by this place. The
first time was when I was hired. I was offered a position and accepted it.
Then two days later I get a call that, whoops, the position I was offered
wasn't really available, and the only position left is that of receptionist.
Against my better judgment, I took that position. There have been many times
since that I wish I hadn't settled, and today, I really wish I'd never taken
this job.

I've applied for several transfers, both within the school and within the
district, and nothing has panned out. This is it. I'm not trying any longer.
I won't be coming back her next year, and I may not finish out this year. If
we weren't so cash poor, I'd quit now, but I need to have another job to go
to before I quit.

I'm contemplating filing a grievance with the district, or at the very least
writing them a letter but I don't know that it would do any good.

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